A Waterfront Wedding

Shoot type - wedding

Location - Cama Beach State Park, Camano, Washington

Client - Jenny (she/her) & Jeffrey (he/him)

One of my favorite weddings that I shot last summer was for Jenny and Jeffrey (or, collectively, Jenfrey). They're both very down-to-earth and outdoorsy people, and their wedding reflected that. It took place at Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island, which is somewhere I've personally visited before and loved exploring.

The Ceremony

The ceremony itself was lovely. The bride and groom encouraged their guests to be barefoot, and they walked barefoot down the aisle themselves. They had a close friend officiate, and the maid of honor and best man each gave a speech at the start. There was a handfasting ceremony to symbolize their unity, and both the bride and groom had written their own vows. The whole thing was very personal and down-to-earth.

Post-Ceremony Candids & First Look

After the ceremony is when most photographers get a lot of the standard family and couple portraits. I always cover those, of course, but I also love to capture little in-between moments while we transition from ceremony to portraits to dinner. There are often little bits of tenderness sprinkled throughout that you'd miss if you put your camera down.

At this wedding, the bride also changed out of her ceremony dress into a different dress for the reception, so we managed to capture a post-ceremony first-look.

Reception Candids - Traditions & Laughter

The reception was just as beautiful as the ceremony. There was lots of nature-themed decor, much of it handmade and DIY-ed. There were speeches, dancing, and all the classic wedding traditions, and I also made sure to capture all the little details and moments of laughter in between.