Photos that makes your love feel like a work of art

Couples & Engagements

Whether you recently got engaged or you're just looking to do something special together, I'm here to capture your love.

Your love is unique and beautiful, and you deserve to have photos that reflect that. My goal is to take photos that feel authentic to you and capture genuine joy.


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How does this work?

I. Book the date.

Click the link below to go directly to my booking site, or use my contact form if you have lingering questions. When you book, you'll pay a retainer fee, sign a contract, and fill out a questionnaire that helps me plan your shoot to be everything you hope for.

If you're interested in an adventure session, reach out to me through my contact form so I can give you a custom quote.

II. Photoshoot day

We'll spend time finding scenic spots and taking photos that capture your love. Throughout the photoshoot, I'll help pose you and make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera.

III. Photo delivery

Within two weeks of the shoot, you'll receive an online gallery of all the best photos, lightly edited to fit my style, where you'll be able to download images and purchase physical prints and products of your favorites.

Pricing & Packages

Mini Session

45 min - 1 hr of photography in location of your choosing

Web-size downloads of all edits

15 high-res downloads

Options to purchase more high-res downloads or physical prints


Extended Session

Up to 2 hr of photography in location of your choosing

Web-size downloads of all edits

30 high-res downloads

Options to purchase more high-res downloads or physical prints


Adventure Session

For those who want photos in locations that can't be accessed within a normal session length

Location scouting and planning help

Photo session lasts through entire hike with hour+ session at goal destination

Web-size & high-res downloads of all edits

starting at $750

Optional add-on: roll of film

If you love the look of classic analog film, you can add a roll of film to your package. Each roll contains 36 exposures, and you can choose from black and white, color, or special effects film.



What's the difference between high-res and web-size downloads?

In general, web-size downloads are great for posting on socials and viewing on phones, tablets, and computers. For people who know about digital image sizes, they're 1600px on the long edge. The high-res downloads are best if you're making physical prints of the photos. You get the full original resolution of the photo, which can be pretty huge files that will still look great in large prints.

Where should we do our photoshoot?

Depends on what kind of vibe you want! I can suggest parks and urban locations around Seattle, as well as scenic spots and hikes beyond the city. If you're outside the Seattle area, I can help suggest and research possibilities near you that fit your vision. If you prefer an indoor setting, I can come to you and take photos in your home or any other space that's available to you, or there are photography studio rentals in every city.

Am I too awkward for this?

You're not!!! I'll help you with posing through the entire session so you never feel unsure of what you're supposed to be doing with your hands. I try to keep my posing for couples very natural and just give you small prompts that keep you moving so you feel more like you're interacting with each other than being put in the spotlight.