Engagement Session on the Bainbridge Ferry

When I had originally talked to Savannah and Anna, they had been thinking of doing their engagement shoot somewhere woodsy in the wilderness like Gold Creek Pond. As we got closer to their date, the weather forecast was looking questionable, so we came up with some backup plans. In the end, we did the shoot on the ferry to Bainbridge. It still gave the quintessential Pacific Northwest vibes they were hoping for, but also gave us options to hide inside when it got too windy and rainy, as well as beautiful parks on Bainbridge when we landed the sun came out. Though it was tricky to adjust to the constantly changing lighting conditions, the results were some of my favorite engagement photos I've ever taken.

Shoot type - engagement/couple

Location - Bainbridge Ferry, Seattle/Bainbridge, WA

Client - Savannah (she/her) and Anna (she/her)