About Me

Meet Emily

I've been the designated photographer for my friends and family for years, but in 2021 I decided to take those skills further and turn it into a business. I love bright colors, natural light, and capturing joy.

When I'm not busy making you look great, I can be found hiking, rowing, or playing Dungeons & Dragons. I'm a PNW native currently living in West Seattle, but I'm more than happy to travel to help make your photoshoot dreams come true.

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Fun Facts About Emily

Emily at Cub Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Fact #1

My first ever backpacking trip was in Yosemite, and my second was on the Wonderland trail (in the snow!). One of the hardest parts of doing photography is that now so many of my summer weekends are booked with weddings instead of backpacking and hiking trips!

Self-portrait of Emily with Clyde the leopard gecko

Fact #2

I don't have any cats or dogs, but I do have two beautiful pet leopard geckos. Their names are Yumm and Clyde. I like dressing Clyde up for Halloween, so if you have suggestions for tiny lizard costumes, send them my way!

Photo from my intro to b&w film photography class

Fact #3

While my first photography class was a black and white film photography class in college (in which I took the photo above), I really started getting into it by posting photos to Flickr and Neopets as a preteen. Creating a photo gallery on Neopets was also how I first learned how to code.

Self-portrait at Loch Coruisk on a solo trip to Isle of Skye

Fact #4

I love to travel! I've been to sixteen different countries in my life so far, and I'm always looking for opportunities to visit more and revisit my favorites. The photo above is a self-portrait from a solo trip to Isle of Skye in 2018. Next on my list is a honeymoon trip to New Zealand the next time my wife and I see a good deal on flights!