Golden Hour at Ebey's Landing

This is one of the most beautiful locations I've gotten to do a photoshoot in. Susannah has had a special connection with Ebey's Landing on Whidbey Island for a long time, so it made sense to do her maternity shoot there. The date we originally wanted for it was overcast and drizzly, so we had to reschedule to get the perfect golden hour shoot that we wanted. We cut it a little close, considering you can only postpone a maternity shoot so much before it becomes a family photoshoot, but it turned out perfectly.

We spent most of the session wandering along the bluffs and taking photos at any spot that looked nice, which was a lot of them. Susannah carried a huge basket the whole way, full of different outfits to go through, and we managed to have time for all of them. We even included some photos of her carrying the basket because it made her feel most like herself, even if it felt more silly than picturesque.

Shoot type - portrait/maternity

Location - Ebey's Landing, WA

Client - Susannah (she/her)