In January, I booked out a room at the Graduate hotel in Seattle to host a marathon of boudoir and empowerment shoots. I'm planning to make a little blog post for each of them (mostly so I can show off more photos than I can really post on Instagram).

The first session I did that weekend was with the beautiful Gwen! They wanted to do some light and airy shots in their sweater, and they also brought some elf ears for a fun unique touch. The morning light added a beautiful softness to the images.

As the first client of the day, Gwen was super helpful to me in getting used to the room and trying out all the different furniture. The aesthetic of the hotel was so fun and retro, and the window created stunning backlighting. We ended the shoot with some photos in the mirror, which are always some of my favorites to do, especially when I have such a cool mirror to work with.

Shoot type - boudoir

Location - Graduate hotel, Seattle, WA

Client - Gwen (they/them)